Founder of Mazzurco Insurance Company & its related companies, consisting of Eager-1 Marketing and Mazzurco Insurance Agency exist to help people enhance their lives by offering quality insurance products and services, thereby assisting people in minimizing their financial risks.

In pursuit of this mission we strive to:

  • Maintain a strong financial base and be governed by its directors' obligation.
  • Maintain a reasonable diversity of products while targeting areas where we are best qualified.
  • Develop a highly skilled and productive group of professionals and create a working environment that supports their personal and career goals.
  • Monitor the changing marketplace and incorporate that change into our products and people.

In our desire to stress quality in all things and expand on a sound basis in every business decision, we recognize a theme of "Caring to Succeed is Succeeding to Care."

To fulfill this theme, we endeavor to:

  • Instill a sense of fair play, equal opportunity and justice in all things.
  • Inspire through the pursuit of professionalism and excellence a liveliness of mind and expression that promotes Company loyalty and pride.
  • Encourage our Companies and their employees to participate in the affairs of their communities, on local, state and national, levels and to make meaningful contributions to professional associations.
  • Encourage everyone to take responsibilty for their own health and to make wellness a way of living a long, healthier life.

While in the long term our success is measured in dollars, we exist to serve the needs of our policyholders, client associations, agents and dedicated personnel.


Our Founder
11/01/1959 - 09/21/2011

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